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● 以精选黑豆,遵造祖传古法调制,独有高度种曲,经日晒四至六个月酿造而成。

● 味美甘醇,营养丰富,是佐餐调味的好帮手。 ​

● 不含防腐剂 (自然发酵)


知味人才懂的光阴好滋味 陈源和酱油的每一代传人都耐心遵守繁复却踏实的酿造程序,第四代传人陈弘昌在原料上更是精挑细选,只选用来源清楚、非基改、无农药残留等原料安全证明的原豆做酱油,过程中拒绝任何人工添加物与防腐剂的修饰。采用陶缸酿造,陶缸中的毛细孔,让被封存酿造的豆子能够呼吸、对流。透气的陶缸环境,让陈源和酱油的口感与香气更胜一筹。

用“诚心”与“耐心”的古早味酿造 多年来陈源和酱油用做给自家人吃的心意,以诚心与耐心地走完每一道酱油酿造程序。将日曝4至6个月成熟发酵的黑豆和少许黄豆经蒸煮,等豆子冷却后再加入独门菌种制曲,经过五~七天细心照顾温、湿度,培育出健康成熟的曲菌后,再将豆子的菌丝洗净、与天然海盐一起封存进传统陶缸内。发酵需静心等待四到六个月,再与糖、甘草与糯米熬煮成膏状,源和贵级油膏口味甘醇柔顺,沾煮卤拌炒都合适。

传承120年的好滋味 120多年前,陈源和酱油的第一代经营者陈成,将家族在广东制作酱油的技术传承下来,在浊水溪畔的云林西螺创立了源和酱油商号。直至今天,第四代的陈弘昌先生仍然恪守父亲留下的酱油家训:“事业不用做的很大,化学酱油千万碰不得。”陈源和酱油坚持不偷工减料,用最好的原料酿造酱油,维持古法酿造。古朴的陶甕静置在云林的煦煦阳光下,见证着陈源和酱油一路走来的踏实,为一个个知味的人保留用光阴酿出的好滋味。


● Made with selected black beans, following ancestral traditional methods, using a unique high-quality koji, sun-dried and brewed for four to six months.
● Delicious and mellow, rich in nutrients, a great companion for seasoning dishes.
​● Preservative-free (naturally fermented)


Handcrafted using traditional methods, sun-dried for 4 to 6 months. Fully fermented black beans are boiled and pressed, then cooked with natural ingredients like sugar, licorice, and glutinous rice, with no artificial additives, colors, or preservatives. Suitable for dipping, braising, and stir-frying, it has a smooth and mellow taste, a traditional flavor brought out by time.

The Taste of Time Known to Connoisseurs
Each generation of Chen Yuan He Soy Sauce patiently follows a complex but solid brewing process. The fourth-generation successor, Mr. Chen Hongchang, meticulously selects raw materials, only using soybeans that are traceable, non-GMO, and free of pesticide residues. The process rejects any artificial additives and preservatives. Using ceramic jars for brewing, the pores of the jars allow the beans to breathe and circulate. The breathable ceramic environment enhances the flavor and aroma of Chen Yuan He soy sauce.

Brewing with "Sincerity" and "Patience"
For many years, Chen Yuan He Soy Sauce has been made with the intention of serving it to their own family, completing every step of the soy sauce brewing process with sincerity and patience. Sun-dried for 4 to 6 months, fully fermented black beans and a small amount of yellow beans are steamed. Once cooled, a unique strain is added to make koji. After five to seven days of careful temperature and humidity control, healthy mature koji is cultivated. The mycelium of the beans is then washed off and sealed in traditional ceramic jars with natural sea salt. Fermentation requires a patient wait of four to six months, after which it is cooked with sugar, licorice, and glutinous rice into a paste. The resulting premium soy paste has a mellow and smooth taste, suitable for dipping, braising, and stir-frying.

A Legacy of 120 Years of Good Taste
Over 120 years ago, the first generation of Chen Yuan He Soy Sauce, Chen Cheng, inherited the family's soy sauce-making skills from Guangdong and founded the Chen Yuan He Soy Sauce company in Xiluo, Yunlin, by the Zhuoshui River. To this day, the fourth-generation successor, Mr. Chen Hongchang, still adheres to the soy sauce family motto left by his father: "The business need not be very big, but never touch chemical soy sauce." Chen Yuan He Soy Sauce insists on not cutting corners, using the best ingredients to brew soy sauce, and maintaining traditional brewing methods. The rustic ceramic jars sit quietly under the warm sunshine of Yunlin, witnessing the steady journey of Chen Yuan He Soy Sauce, preserving the good taste brewed over time for connoisseurs.

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