Coconut Snacks 椰香乖乖 50g
Coconut Snacks 椰香乖乖 50g
Coconut Snacks 椰香乖乖 50g
LeeZen 里仁

Coconut Snacks 椰香乖乖 50g

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里仁限定版椰香乖乖 紧密酥脆经典好滋味

里仁与知名厂商-乖乖合作,推出广受大众喜爱的经典款-椰香乖乖,全素食者也可以食用。提供消费者更安心的零食选择。 特选法国进口非基因改造的玉米粉制作饼体,不同于传统乖乖饼体,里仁别出心裁推出甜甜圈造型,使口感更加酥脆紧密。记忆中微甜的酥脆滋味,让人停不了的一口接一口。 不含人工色素、人工香料、防腐剂等。



Leezen Limited Edition Coconut-Flavored Kuai Kuai - Tightly Crisp Classic Flavor

Leezen collaborates with the well-known brand Kuai Kuai to launch the popular classic coconut-flavored Kuai Kuai, suitable for vegetarians. This offers consumers a safer snack option. The snack is made from specially selected non-GMO corn flour imported from France.

Unlike traditional Kuai Kuai snacks, Leezen introduces a unique donut shape, making the texture even more crispy and tight. The mildly sweet and crispy taste in memory keeps you coming back for more. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 

To ensure you eat healthily with less burden, coconut-flavored Kuai Kuai is made by high-temperature baking, not frying. Occasionally, the seasoning may appear slightly charred during the high-temperature baking process, but please enjoy it with peace of mind.

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