Instant Veggie Porridge (350g) 野菜糙米粥
Instant Veggie Porridge (350g) 野菜糙米粥
LeeZen 里仁

Instant Veggie Porridge (350g) 野菜糙米粥

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When you are busy, you can't have time to eat, and want to have a warm cooked food? Just make a cup of wild vegetables and brown rice porridge, and you can immediately enjoy the delicious and healthy salty porridge.
Mainly rice cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, plus abundant ingredients such as cabbage, carrots, kelp sprouts and non-genetically modified dry tofu that have passed pesticide testing. No artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, thickeners, preservatives, and antioxidants are added. Is your best partner when you are busy!

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