Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent (1500ml)
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Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent (1500ml)

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活力净 我们的承诺

● 无添加化学香精、化学色料、化学防腐剂、石化成分。
● 省水、低泡沫、好冲净,不用担心化学残留。
● 高生物分解性,能在水中高度分解,不污染水源环境。
● 天然柠檬草油是天然助洗剂,能加强清洁效果。
● ECOCERT认证清洁成分。
● 减少塑胶瓶罐浪费,使用补充包,减少塑胶使用量。

● No added chemical flavors, chemical colors, chemical preservatives, petrochemical ingredients.
● Save water, low foam, good flushing, no need to worry about chemical residues.
● High biodegradability, can be highly decomposed in water, and does not pollute the water environment.
● Natural lemongrass oil is a natural builder that can enhance the cleaning effect.
● ECOCERT certified cleaning ingredients.
● Reduce the waste of plastic bottles and cans, use refill packs, and reduce the amount of plastic used.

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