Organic Purple Rice Congee (320ml) 有机紫米八宝粥
Organic Purple Rice Congee (320ml) 有机紫米八宝粥
Organic Purple Rice Congee (320ml) 有机紫米八宝粥
LeeZen 里仁

Organic Purple Rice Congee (320ml) 有机紫米八宝粥

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● 使用有机原料制成
● 不含增稠剂与香料



Made with oats and rye from Europe, Job's tears from the United States, brown sugar and granulated sugar from South America, mung beans from China, and paired with locally grown organic purple rice and longan from Taiwan, this eight-treasure porridge embodies ancient Chinese wisdom for health. Enjoy it chilled in the summer and warm in the winter, making it suitable for all seasons.

● Made with organic ingredients
● Free from thickeners and flavorings

Serving suggestion: Consume directly or enjoy it warm or chilled for enhanced flavor.

Ingredients: organic brown sugar (Costa Rica), organic sugar (Brazil/Paraguay),
Organic Rye Grains (Finland), Organic Purple Rice (Taiwan), Organic Black Beans (China)
, Organic Red Beans (Brazil), Organic Mung Beans (China), Organic Coix Seed (US
China), Organic Red Beans (China), Longan (Taiwan), Organic Oatmeal (Fern
Blue), organic black sesame (Bolivia)

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