Vegetable Congee with Sesame Oil 麻油鮮蔬粥 (31gx10/Box)
Vegetable Congee with Sesame Oil 麻油鮮蔬粥 (31gx10/Box)
Vegetable Congee with Sesame Oil 麻油鮮蔬粥 (31gx10/Box)
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Vegetable Congee with Sesame Oil 麻油鮮蔬粥 (31gx10/Box)

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沖泡方式 :
1. 撕開粉袋包裝(30公克),放入杯(碗)中,添加200~240毫升滾水。

2. 覆蓋靜待三分鐘。

3. 攪拌均勻後酌量添加內附麻油包。


*注意 : 米粒經特殊製程熟化乾燥,請於水內靜置約三分鐘再食用,口感最佳。








Made with quick-cook rice from pesticide-free and chemical-free white rice, combined with pesticide-free brown rice, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, and warmed black sesame oil. Just add hot water and wait for three minutes, and a heartwarming and comforting sesame oil vegetable porridge will be ready to serve.

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Tear open the powder packet (30g) and place it in a cup (or bowl). Add 200-240 ml of boiling water.
  2. Cover and let it sit for three minutes.
  3. Stir well and add the included sesame oil packet as desired.

*Note: The rice grains have been specially processed and dried. For the best taste, let it sit in water for about three minutes before eating.

*An excellent companion for a quick and easy lifestyle! 
*No added flavorings, hydrogenated oils, sweeteners, preservatives, thickeners, or quality improvers
*White and brown rice are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers
*Healthy, safe, and convenient

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