Organic Dried Large Jujubes 有機大紅棗-盒裝 (300g)
Organic Dried Large Jujubes 有機大紅棗-盒裝 (300g)
LeeZen 里仁

Organic Dried Large Jujubes 有機大紅棗-盒裝 (300g)

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Organic Dried Large Jujubes 
It grows on red jujube trees with large temperature differences in the arid areas of the Yellow River Basin. The organic jujube fruits produced are of good quality, full and thick, dark red in color, sweet and delicious. Liren organic red dates have passed the inspection of the international organic certification agency. They are shipped in a single container when imported. They are stored in refrigeration after being imported into China. They have passed the safety testing of pesticides, sulfur dioxide, and heavy metals, so they can be eaten with peace of mind.

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