Aomori Apple Vinegar Aged 3 Years (500ml)
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Aomori Apple Vinegar Aged 3 Years (500ml)

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玄米大吟釀 青苹果醋 - Aomori Apple Vinegar Aged 3 Years (500ml)

Benefits: Improves metabolism, oxygenation of excessive body-fat, detoxifies intestines, clean blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, eliminate greasiness, help in balancing acidic body alkaline level, improve body allergic condition, improve anemia, anti-aging, cell regeneration and help in menstrual problem. Contain Gamma Amino Bityric Acid from Genmai Rice which helps to prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer disease.

Direction to use: To enjoy health benefits, drink 30ml-60ml a day. You can drink with dilute in water or non-dilute for best taste.

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