Lohas Health Grape Vinegar 5 Years (500ml)
Lohas Health Grape Vinegar 5 Years (500ml)
Lohas Health Grape Vinegar 5 Years (500ml)
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Lohas Health Grape Vinegar 5 Years (500ml)

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玄米大吟釀 乐活健体醋 - Lohas Health Grape Vinegar 5 Years (500ml)


这种醋不适合女性食用。由于它含有大量的山葡萄,因此具有驱风,排毒,丰富血液,增强肾脏功能的已知好处,并且还可以解决冬季结冰的手脚问题。山区葡萄可有效改善肌肉和骨骼状况,适合上班族和老年人。山区葡萄酒在市场上相当普遍,但有些人对酒精过敏。结果,广成发布了一种更有价值的山葡萄醋。实际上,优质醋不仅对胃无害,而且可以缓解胃痛。在寒冷的冬天喝30cc的Lohas Health葡萄醋时,有些人会感到全身发热,甚至流汗。此外,它发酵了5年,使其厚度丰富。

成分:水,genmai,山葡萄,红葡萄,野樱桃,Isomalto FOS

A mellow, yet full bodied vinegar with a beautifully intense color. It has a fruity aroma that lingers in your mouth long after that first taste. A robust, but not sour flavor that boosts stamina and awakens the body.

This vinegar is not suitable for consumption by women. Because it contains large amounts of mountain grapes, it offers known benefits of expelling wind from the body, detoxification, enriching blood, strengthening the kidney, and can also resolve issues revolving around icy hands and feet during the winter. Mountain grapes are effective in boosting the conditions of muscles and bones, and are suitable for the working man and the elderly. Mountain grape wine is quite common on the market, but some people are allergic to alcohol. As a result, Guang Cheng released a mountain grape vinegar that's even more valuable. In reality, quality vinegar is not only not harmful to the stomach, it can bring it relief. When drinking 30cc of Lohas Health Grape Vinegar on a cold winter day, some people feel their entire body heat up, and some even break out in sweat. Furthermore, it is fermented for 5 years, giving it a rich thickness.

Ingredients: Water, genmai, mountain grape, red grape, wild cherry , Isomalto FOS

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